Learn To Fly

Welcome to Bangalore Aerosports, one of India’s few dedicated  Aerosports  Centers. We operate all year round. A 30-minute drive, from central Bangalore, will get you to the Airfield.

We operate from Mysore Airport, Jakkur Aerodrome and Kalkatte , our farm at Gundlupet.

What and Why of Microlights

A Microlight is a conventional two-seater aircraft with an all up weight of 450 kgs, designed for training and recreation flying. By design it’s a high wing aircraft with its engine mounted high, this gives the flyer excellent visibility from the cockpit.

The aircraft is maintained and operated as per Civil Aviation requirements.

The X-air Microlight we fly is designed by Joel Kochelin. These aircrafts manufactured in Bangalore, India and flies in many countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Australia. It is popular world over for its safety and stability