Pilot Licence On Microlights: PPL(M)

To obtain a Private Pilot Licence on Microlights, you require:

  • Police verification certificate
  • Class II medical examination by a DGCA (Director General Civil Aviation) approved doctor
  • A minimum of 40 hours of flying
  • Successful completion of 1 oral examination
  • Successful completion of 2 written examinations

The written exainations are in Aerodynamics, Regulation, Meteorology and Navigation. You will also be required to take a general flying test and obtain a basic Radio Operators License.


The training is done in 3 separate stages in over four sessions of 10 days each:

  • Dual instructional flying
  • Solo flying (you will be the sole occupant of the aircraft)
  • Cross country flying

If you would like to buy your own aircraft, a good one will cost as little as Rs: 3,000,000;  it is manufactured in Bangalore.

Once you have started training, the lessons will take place according to the structure laid down by the DGCA (Director General Civil Aviation). The flight syllabus is carried out in a set order of lessons to achieve a high degree of competence as soon as possible. A copy of the syllabus will be made available to you on commencement of your training.